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Web & Mobile

For us, the Internet holds no secrets. Smartphones have become an irreplaceable element of our lives, making it easier for us to get tasks done on a daily basis. We build and implement extensive solutions in leading technologies.

Research & Development

We have always been curious about how to use technology to solve the most difficult tasks. Thanks to the knowledge and skills, we have managed to develop many original solutions. Salt Square begins where impossible ends.

Design & Identity

Salt Square means not only care for the quality of the code and what happens under the hood. It also means effective design, right UX and attention to image.

Who are we?

Salt Square is a brand. However, the people behind it have known each other for many years. We have worked together in many IT (and not only) projects. We believe having the right team is the key to success. Our knowledge, experience, and interpersonal skills are what makes us stand out from the crowd. When it comes to planning, problem solving and timely delivery of quality solutions – we are the right people for the job.

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