We are a dynamic team of creative people that love innovation & technology.

We are a combination of smaller companies with many years of experience in various IT areas. Although we have already worked together, establishing Salt Square allowed us to undertake projects carried out entirely by our combined team. The name comes from the place where we agreed on the details of the company's operation. It is a market square adjacent to the very center of one of the largest Polish cities, which was established in 1242. Like in the old times, today it is a place of making business. Last but not least - this is where our headquarters are..

Each project has its own requirements and needs, which is why we provide a hint as to the choice of the best solutions. To be able to provide our clinics with timely implementation, transparency of the entire process and flexibility we use such methodologies as AGILE. Nevertheless, we will establish the final look of our cooperation together, ensuring that the decisions taken will be translated into the effects you expect. By combining our teams, we carefully selected the tools that have worked for us so far, to be ready to efficently manage projects that are even the most challenging.

Experience, knowledge and the best available tools are not everything that translates into the final quality of our products and services. It is also the care for analysis and evaluation of our work. Attention to detail and insightful testing of everything we do for customers allow us to deliver scalable, stable, error-free solutions that are easy to develop and resistant to the passage of time. Thanks to our practice, we know how to build applications or services in such a way that its maintenance and further development are convenient and fast. If we have not convinced you yet - maybe you will be interested in the fact that we have created a platform that allows for automated error detection in web applications - rebug.io.

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