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Junior Network Administrator

We are looking for an outstanding persons to our Salt Square team. They will strengthen our team working on a special, certainly original and unusual projects.

What will you do with us?

  • you will fix day-to-day sysadmin-related issues,
  • you will help the rest of Dev team deliver and ship their work,
  • you will configure and automate processes related to building and maintaining development environments (using Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes),
  • you will implement and maintain monitoring, Continuous Integration and log-management systems,
  • you will keep systems secure and up-to-date,
  • you will create and review DevOps processes: e.g. backups and security checks,
  • you will automate day-to-day tasks,
  • you will work in the Agile project,
  • you will work in a very dynamic project and very dynamic team – you have to be ready for dynamic changes,
  • you will take an active part in the design work related to the platform.

In what you have to be good?

  • a good knowledge and experience in automating day-to-day tasks,
  • a good knowledge and experience in IT technologies,
  • creative thinking is also welcome and needed,
  • non-standard thinking will also be appreciated,
  • you must be able to work in an environment where the only thing that is certain is the change,
  • we require that you will set goals and tasks.

What more would we welcome?

  • it would be great if you would know some programming language (i.e. PHP, Python, JavaScript, node.JS etc.),
  • it is nice when someone talks a lot. But even better, as later this person is also good in effective execution of what was said,
  • if you speak in English, it will be also appreciated.

We propose:

  • working in really interesting and very extraordinary projects,
  • a contract of employment, work, order, B2B, as well as salary in wheat, potatoes, bitcoins or whatever you wish,
  • working in a creative and dynamically developing team,
  • great atmosphere and numerous challenges,
  • possibility of remote working in some parts of your job; but for sure not entirely remotely – we want to see you, talk to you, consult what we do, we want you as an important member of our team, not just an employee,
  • real impact on shaping the IT environment through the ability to implement your own ideas and solutions; especially because we have a lot of technical problems with what we do,
  • remuneration – market rate or higher; we do not give quota because it will only depend on your competence!If you are interested, please send us your CV at hello@saltsquare.co . We’re waiting for you!